Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand - Mother Teresa



Cold weather mid-week dinners need to be nourishing, warm and easily made. Some may say pasta is heavy to eat at night, yet this isn’t so if you only eat a small serving and bulk the dish with vegetables instead. Carbohydrates help to settle our bodies for the night and prepare in the wind-down for a restful sleep. I’ve chosen to use chickpea miso as I prefer its flavour to soybean miso. It’s available at health food stores.


Health benefits:

Chickpea miso -

·       provides beneficial probiotics.

·       helps improve digestion.

·       has positive effects on blood pressure.

·       has anticancer effects.

·       is a good source of nutrients including copper, manganese and vitamin K.





250g GF penne

1 onion

200g mushrooms

handful of spinach

1 tablespoon chickpea miso

Boil a saucepan of water, add salt and cook the pasta until it is al dente. Meanwhile, sauté the sliced onion for about 5 minutes until soft, pull the onions to the side of the pan, and add the sliced mushrooms and cook until the juices from the mushrooms are reduced. When the pasta is cooked, pour a ladle of starchy water into a bowl with the miso and stir to mix. Drain the pasta, add the spinach and stir, place the lid on the saucepan until the spinach has wilted. Add the pasta to the frypan and some of the creamy sauce, mix and serve while hot, season with sea salt and black pepper. Enjoy!